Charlie Don’t Surf

So, we’re putting out our new cocktail menu, and we’ll be profiling some of the drinks here on this site, as well as giving up the recipe.  This is how much we Love You.

First up, a cocktail from the previous menu, re-named and re-calibrated;  Charlie Don’t Surf.

On the previous menu, I had named it Fred.  This was back when I was making up a lot of drinks on the fly during one of my shifts and started to just give them people names.  As Jamie Boudreau once noted, drinks can take about 10 minutes to make up, drink names take a couple days to even a week.  So I went the easy route and named them after people.  I had a Bob, Arnie, Harry, Margaret…a bunch of others.  Oh, and a Fred.  Fred made it onto the cocktail menu at Liberty, but the damn thing never sold.  If I made it for someone, it was loved and ordered over and over again.

The easy solution, then, was to re-name the thing.  Also, I swapped Pommeau de Normandie (a low proof apple pomace that is 50% apple brandy and 50% apple cider) for the more expensive Calvados.

Anyways, here’s Charlie Don’t Surf (a reference to Apocalypse Now and The Clash)

1 oz gin
1 oz Pommeau de Normandie
1/2 lemon juice
1/2 simple syrup
2 barspoons mango puree
muddled ginger
Shake and double strain into a cocktail glass
Garnish with a kaffir lime leaf

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