Liberty Loves You: Feel The Love

Welcome to Liberty’s blog, Liberty Loves You. Let’s talk, you and I, about what we’re planning on doing here.

Both Andrew and I have maintained individual blogs. Well, I had one, stopped updating it a few years ago (to the chagrin of both people who read it), and have only just written its epitaph. Andrew has had a nice little blog which he’s had for a short time. With this blog, we’ll be combining our writing on one site, AND, if we can manage to cajole their collectively lazy asses, our wonderful and talented staff. Oh, and what the hell, as long as you sing our praises and kiss our butts, we might even let YOU contribute (seriously, though, that’s gonna take a helluva lot of brown-nosing).

You can bet your sweet asses that we’ll be posting the goings on at Liberty, our upcoming events, menu changes, new spirits on our shelves and stuff like that. We’ll be writing about upcoming shows involving our staff, our friends and neighbors. There will, no doubt about it, be recipes for the cocktails on our menu, as well as profiles of our favorite spirits (we have, like 2.3 million bottles around, y’know).

Given that we all have completely inappropriate senses of humor and that we’re thoroughly irreverent, depraved and unfit for normal society, I’d imagine that this will not be your average blog. Us Liberty-folk tend to do things our own way. Along with all the dead-serious informative tidbits that will comprise the majority of our work here, expect heaping spoonfuls of sarcasm, classic smack-talk, jokes that only we find funny and, well, the periodic Friedman rant on right-wing demagogues or a classic Waldbauer drunk post.

In essence, we’re shooting for a lively, funny, entertaining and informative documentation of our small, epic little world here on 517 15th Ave. Friends, neighbors, family, welcome and please fasten your seatbelts.

And….seriously….Liberty Loves You. Every. Single. Day.


  1. You’re a “strong like”.

  2. Adam with the laptop says:

    Just a nit to pick, but you reference your identity in this post (I had a blog) yet there is not an “author” field, so the reader is left guessing who you are (Keith). Just thought I’d let you know – if you’re going to have multiple folks posting on this blog it might be worthwhile to include an author field in the posts. Feel free to delete this “comment” as I’m really just writing the admins of this site a message.

  3. trying to find you on facebook, wats ur profile

  4. Hello, Do you Love MMA/UFC/Brock Lesnar? Check out my site.

    • LibertyBar says:

      We love MMA, but despise Brock Lesnar. Well, I despise him. Keith can speak for himself. Brock Lesnar. What a schmuck.

  5. [b]WOW, what an intro![/b]
    Hope you guys are too freakin’ busy to follow up with it. Or did all the effort shift to the facebook page?

    Hopefully the craft work will stay in the spirits realm and really good cocktails, and not be overly hampered with wordsmithing.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

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