Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Aged cocktails are certainly a new and interesting innovations in our industry.  To make an aged cocktail, we will mix up to five liters of the drink, and then put this concoction it in a charred, first-use barrel for six to 24 weeks, depending on how the aging process affects the cocktail.

Above our front door, we have a rick of up to fifteen cocktails, spirits, bitters, etc. aging at any one time in our barrels.  This list is a sample of what we have, but may not be an up-to-date list of what we have available for you as you come into Liberty.  And, want your own Barrel-Aged Cocktail?  Well, let us know what you want.  Many of our Barrel-Aged Cocktails started with a customer’s request.

Next up?  There’s always something interesting in those barrels.

Thanks to London’s Tony Conigliaro and Portland’s Jeffrey Morgenthaler for the inspiration, and to Woodinville Whiskey Co. for their barrels.


Negroni $12
Sweet Vermouth
Glass Feather- Aged 4 months! $12
PuR Blood Orange Spice Liqueur
Sweet Vermouth
Lillet Blanc
Angostura Bitters
Negroni Swizzle- Aged 3 Months Liberty’s Aged Ilegal Mezcal

Emerald City Cocktail
 -Cognac, Carpano Antica and Green Chartreuse!